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Would You Invest This Kind Of $30000 Gaming PC Setup


Buying a $30,000 USD gaming PC Setup? Insane! But one guy from Canada able to set up a $30000 gaming PC. Lewis Hilsenteger, very popular for his tech review channel Unbox Therapy, introduced the ultimate PC gaming setup priced at a cool $30,000 USD in his video.

Showcasing a reclining workstation game chair by Imperatorworks, the futuristic recliner is equipped with a 42.5 inch 4K LG display, sandwiched in between portrait displays on each side, measuring in at 24 inches, and totaling almost 100 inches of pure gaming goodness to immerse yourself with.

Moreover, the arrangement flaunts a plate loaded up with different kinds of chips, alongside a cooler as an afterthought, while the circular seat even has an underlying back rub framework to additionally give unwinding during or after your strained gaming meetings.

Further decorated with enlightened consoles and headsets to compliment the general stylish, look at the crazy arrangement in the video above.


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