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Working From Home? Tips For Improving Your Wi-Fi At Home


Whatever devices and operating system we use, we always want to improve our Wi-Fi connection at home especially today most of us are working from home or even our online classes. This is very crucial and difficult when you want to stay productive but your connection does not cooperate.

Start in the right place

Always start from the basics:

  • See to it that your router is not behind any larger objects or placed on the floor.
  • Update all your software including your router firmware and any connected device.
  • Reboot everything – that includes disconnecting your router from power for a moment.
  • Try extending your network, or changing it with a mesh network of some kind.

Change your Wi-Fi password

Changing your Wi-Fi password will knock all your devices of the network; a new way to reintroduce them as and when you need them.

If you notice that network performance degrades when you add and connect another item since it usually generates network interference. Try removing the item from the network, if your network performance improves then it must be the cause that needs replacement or removed permanently.

While it sometimes tiresome changing your password as you need to place it on everything, it is the best way to conduct an inventory for all devices you are using with your Wi-Fi. It is also the best way to kick off unauthorized connections that may have secretly hacked into your network.

Forget it, recall it

The old engineering way of “Switch it off and switch it on again” applies to almost everything in the tech world. So when you get offline, you’ll often fix it by just restarting your router for a minute or two. Another quick fix is to set your hard “forget” the network and then reconnect. It may not be always the fix but it is worthy of a try. Always take note of your Wi-Fi password first.

To forget a network on the Mac:

  • Navigate to System Preferences>Network>Wi-Fi>Advanced button
  • In the Wi-Fi pane select the Network you want to forget and then click on the remove button. Tap OK and then click Apply. Then scan again for the network to be discovered and reconnect.

To forget a network on iOS

  • Navigate Settings>Wi-Fi>select our network>Forget This Network. Click Forget, then return to Wi-Fi, locate the network, and reconnect it using your Wi-Fi password.

This isn’t a magic bullet, but in my end, it sometimes delivers results.

Get to know the Wireless Diagnostics tool

If you are a Mac user, you have a useful but hidden Wireless Diagnostics tool that usually offers deep insights into wireless performance.

We’re not going to cover everything here but only a few pieces of information that can help optimize our network.

  • Close all active applications on Mac.
  • Launch the Wireless Diagnostics tool by Option-clicking the Wi-Fi indicator in your menu bar.
  • In the drop-down menu, select Open Wireless Diagnostics.
  • Click on Continue in order to test your network connection.

The test will take a few minutes and once it is complete you’ll need to generate a report, which takes a few moments longer.  Take note of the advice once a report has been generated.

Network analysis: LITE

Wireless Diagnostics tools usually get recommendations for Wi-Fi. Launch it as before, and then do these steps:

  • Once Wireless Diagnostics opens, in the Application menu select Window and then choose Scan (Option-Command-4).
  • After a few moments, you should see the scanning window.

If you’re using an AirPort (and many people still do), you’ll open AirPort Utility, navigate to your router, and select the Edit window where you should click on Wireless Options. Now you’ll be able to set your channels for your 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

If you have a separate router, you’ll need to refer to the manual provided with it, specifically on setting the channels. Your router has its own networking app, such as NETGEAR GenieTP-Link Tether, or Xfinity xFi which provides similar information and can perform many of these tasks.



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