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The All New Zoom Features For Online Education


Zoom’s best capability for video conferencing has made its major innovation for much online education in this new normal. Zoom’s latest update has released four new features that teachers can utilize in their virtual classes. Check this brief summary and be sure to recommend Zoom for your online education.

1. A Virtual Seating Plan:

There is no other video meeting application like Zoom that has this feature. Through Zoom’s gallery view, videos can be viewed by up to 49 students at once. By adding new Zoom’s click and drag feature, videos can easily rearrange base on your preference. You can also enable your video set-up to be viewable for the whole class, this allows students to see your virtual seating plan you setup. This is very beneficial for group projects and activities that will involve calling out students base on the seating plan.

2. Multiple Presenters With A Spotlight Feature

Highlighting a video means that it is in a spotlight, showing up as active speaking if one talks during the class in the Zoom meeting. Now, Zoom enables 9 participants that can spotlight during the online education through enabling multiple presenters. This feature is an amazing way to focus on multiple students during discussion and group projects with presentations or activities.

3. Unmuting Has Never Been Easy

Teachers can now ask only once for permission to unmute during the online class, once granted the teacher will be able to unmute each student in future classes. This helps teachers to easily call students at any online education throughout the semester.

4. Multi-Pinning Of Videos Also Support Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Students

Zoom’s “pin video” capability enables online education participants to disable the active speaker and just view he chooses to pin. Now, with the multi-pinning ability of Zoom, students, and teachers can pin up to 9 videos at a time. An amazing update for students especially those who are deaf or hard of hearing students where they can pin both their instructor and the interpreter. Viewing these videos easily creates great accessibility in the learning experience.

Therefore, online education today isn’t that really hard. The only problem is that families might have the difficulty in getting a good connection for students in their online education. Zoom works on any device but relies on your connection speed. So, I am hoping teachers will understand this scenario as well. Good luck and God bless to our students, our future leaders.


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