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Nature Is Painting For Us – Day By Day


Traveling and staying at Danasan Eco Park are few pictures of infinite beauty. A majestic adventure is in store for my wife and I as we head out to travel and stay at Danasan Eco Park situated in the Northern part of Cebu. We have collected pictures of infinite beauty inside the Eco Park as it is one of every couple’s bucket list who seek for outdoor adventure activity close to nature. It’s a given fact that Cebu is not just filled with hospital Cebuanos but also rich in wonders of nature with amazing tourist spots. There are several activities available that can loosen your soul and make your hearts shout out for a little way getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We had the opportunity to stay and experience the all new accommodation and rates offered by Danasan Eco Adventure Park. A special thanks to iWebhacks client for the sponsor. If you are looking for a memorable adventure, this is something worth trying for. It leaves you with wobbly knees but wanting more, shivering hands and feet, and a galloping heart of excitement. You’ll definitely thank me later once you’ve got the chance to visit the place.



Adventure begins when plans end. We never ask for security sometimes, we ask for adventure. We sometimes have an insane calling for ATVs. We make sure we are ready and have the strength to experience the bumpiest road in Cebu through an ATV 🙂 . The ATV activity is 2-km ride from the starting point and goes to the inner part of the park and goes up beyond a steep side for 30-mins. We simply can’t deny that it is an ultimate fun ride indeed. Its 650 php price per head.


Another tingling experience that will leave your heart in fever is the Sky Bike. It is a bicycle operated with harness used like in Zipline adventures. You get to enjoy the scenery at the same feeling the fear of what might happen next. Brain cells racking! While I was fearing for my life, my wife enjoyed every ride of it, even raise her hands and feel the cold air breeze! That is totally amazing of her.

What I find it most challenging! One your reached the end on the other side, the only way back is to pedal backwards where you started. It’s totally knee-shaking as you need to pedal harder against the strong winds. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

We had so much fun staying in Danasan Eco Park. Their infinity pool is wonderful with fresh and clean water while enjoying the green environment. We consider it as one of the amazing rainforest infinity pool situated in Cebu.

There are a bunch of activities to choose from in Danasan Eco Part. Unfortunately, we had to cancel some of our activities unexpectedly but we will definitely be back and complete our bucket list. A couple of things awaits everyone:

– Way of The Cross and Grotto
– Danasan Falls
– Tyrolean and Trekking
– KAWA Bath
– Rapelling And Caving
– Wake Boarding
– Rope Course
– Twin Tower Wall Climbing
– Kayaking and Fish Feeding
– Sky Drop

Definitely the most exciting travel ever for both of us as a couple. Each activities comes with different price. You might have to prepare your itinerary when going to the place – of course, if you have the budget it is best to try all of these activities. A weekend bonding escapade with your family and siblings is the best part of this type of adventure. Life is short, and we know the world is wide. Adventure is just waiting for us. Keep calm and drive on.

Get a kick out of these fun-filled adventure and be close to nature at the same time. Go into the wilds. Come, get lost with us!



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