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Halloween 2020: Like We Never Seen In This New Normal And Pandemic


Being safe in this Halloween 2020 is the main theme for this year. In this pandemic and new normal comes the most awaited fun where everyone celebrates treat or trick with the convergence of a full moon, a BLUE moon like we never have seen before. This 2020 is a season to remember – COVID-19, typhoon, earthquake, and this BLUE Moon. A huge change in this new normal, but everyone’s love for fun, fright, and delight in this Halloween season is stronger than ever. So let’s unleash our inspirational Halloween costume, celebrate the season in a safe, fun, and unexpected unique way.


  • Trick or Treat!-  It’s on like Donkey Kong! Check out the official trick or treat guidelines for fun and make sure to stay safe observe social distancing while trick or treating!
  • Visit places with Trick or Treat Safehouses – Seek for activities with permit or certificate while trick or treating! These are the establishments that pass the safety operating protocol against COVID-19 and help you maintain a safe distance as you grab your goodies!
  • Family pet parade – Talking about the new normal! Invite friends and your community, conduct a social distancing parade with your pets wearing their Halloween 2020 costume.
  • Yeet the Treats – Adapt the Millennial way this Halloween 2020 and learn new words for your cool kids to learn. YEET! This viral new lingo just means to throw (something) forcefully in specific location.  So, check out your neighborhood to get everyone on board to Yeet the Treats!. Reminiscent of those nostalgic days gone by where parade floats threw out candy to kids who patiently stood by. This year, families will Yeet candy from 6 feet away for Halloween costumed kids can travel safely.
  • Face Mask Party! – who’s going to forget this type of party. COVID19 has reserved our full-face when going to a party. Get a clean plain face mask and have conducted a paint party! Decorate, doodle, and bedazzle your way to some snazzy new face masks to wear this fall
  • Neighborhood Pub Crawl – For all the late-night shenanigan seekers who are over the (blue) moon excited about having an extra hour to celebrate this year, some social distancing shots may be in order! Set up driveway stations with Halloween libations and reconnect with your neighborhood pals!
  • Costume Week – Fully embrace your creative character and dress up throughout the entire first week of November leading up to that big ol’ Blue Moon! Your friends and your community will have a blast running errands, walking around the community or joining a virtual meeting… in costume!

There are a lot of ways to celebrate this Halloween 2020. It is a matter of being safe while having fun. So, cheer up and go outside – then celebrate.


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