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The Voice Premiere: Gwen Stefani Clears Up Blake Shelton Rumors


Gwen Stefani is standing up.

The star and her playmate, nation star Blake Shelton, have been the subject of bits of gossip viewing inconvenience in heaven starting late, however, she’s settled such gossipy tidbits in her most recent appearance on the “Today” show.

Word on the road was that the pair canceled their wedding, however, the two have never openly declared whether they are even locked in.

“Today” have Hoda Kotb told the 51-year-old pop star that she Googled the expression “Gwen and Blake,” and among the recommended search queries was “Gwen and Blake cancel the wedding.”

“What’s happening with the wedding?” asked the columnist.

“That’s a really good question,” said Stefani after a laugh. “Well, the good news is that we still like each other a lot.”

The artist and Shelton, 44, are both filling in as mentors on “The Voice,” which returns for its nineteenth season Monday night.

The same number of TV creations have needed to do, “The Voice” has rolled out certain improvements so as to ensure against the spread of Covid.

“It was actually not as weird as I thought,” said the star of the new norm on set. “I think everybody felt even more grateful to be there because we felt special that we could actually work.”

Among the progressions they appear to have made are supplanting crowd individuals with virtual screens for individuals to have the option to see the show live. “Honestly, you kind of forget that they’re there, you don’t really feel the screens because they’re screens,” said Stefani of the change. ” “It was just really intimate between the coaches and with [host] Carson [Daly], it felt very relaxed and there was something fun about that.”

The No Doubt alum said that having no live crowd was “most likely harder for the challengers” because of the absence of “energy” in the room, with just herself, Shelton and their kindred mentors Kelly Clarkson and John Legend to give praise after the exhibitions.

“I think it’s always harder to perform in a smaller setting than a larger one, for me personally,” she said. “So I can imagine that would’ve been tense, but at the same time, I felt like it was just us and them, and really personal and it was awesome.”


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