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A Great Bond In The New Normal During Pandemic


With the recent pandemic, a lot of us adapt to the new normal of being a home buddy. Last Oct 3, 2020 my husband and I with my elder sister’s family decide to go out and spend our weekends in the high lands of Cebu. Given the current situation of Covid 19, the whole world have their respective stay-at-home rules and that does not exclude Cebu where we are now on Modified General Community Quarantine. In Cebu Philippines, we are on a Modified General Community Quarantine. There are some specifics on what is not allowed and permitted. During MGCQ, we had the chance to visit the countryside which is located at the southwest part of Cebu known as Balamban. We stopped over in a nature camp in Gaas, Balamban. It was a fun filled trip going to the place with my sister’s family with my husband as our all-time driver.

The Nature Camp is a one-hour trip and we arrived at the place just in time for lunch. We were greeted upon arrival by the staff. We felt welcomed while they show us our table. Kudos to them! We, then, ordered our meal and since we brought our own food, we had to pay for the corkage fee which is at P300 (about 6$). The desire to travel doesn’t stop even you have families that go along. The wanderlust is overflowing regardless if it’s the new normal or not. What matters is the strong bond that you have with your family which you can say is the best medicine in the world.

After eating lunch, we stroll around and enjoyed the vicinity. Breath the cool breeze which is unlikely same with that of the city air. We played mind games as well and got the chance to play some rope challenge. My husband and brother-in-law where playing and drinking beer while enjoying the nice view.

Since the kids wanted to experience Zip-line activity, we transfer to another camp where they can do the Zip-line activity. The kids had fun I suppose watching them both screaming due to heights. Well, it’s normal for first timers. Watching new customers that were coming to the place, it seems that the stats are really true that 44% of millennial travelers recently are taking their children with them. I hope to add to that statistics whenever me and my husband will be having kids of our own. Hitting the road and traveling with your parents just seems to be an amazing experience and awesome adventure for a child growing and having their own family in the future. The idea of taking young kids on a trip must be pretty daunting though but really worth the time.

Travelling with family creates eternal memories. It sets your kids’ minds for an incredible life ahead. Being together during pandemic will help us survive while working and as one we move forward. Bottlenecks, budget? Don’t let it stop you! Check out how we spend this weekend in just 1,000 pesos. We brought our own food – rice platter that is good for the six of us. We brought water and soda along with us. We only paid for the corkage fee which is about 300Php, 200php for the Zip line, and the rest for miscellaneous stuffs.

Also, here are some few notes to take when going to the nature camp if you want to spend an overnight or experience all of the activities:

Blessed are those families that are curious for they shall have more adventures. We should know that our kids are naturally inquisitive, little creative and with full of imagination. Everything is a new adventure for them and even to parents.

Set your family forth to distant lands and give them the adventure they’ll never forget.


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