Home Travel A 2-HR Drive From Lilo-an To Cebu City

A 2-HR Drive From Lilo-an To Cebu City


Featuring my elder sister; we are going to Cebu City from Lilo-an Cebu. It’s a 2hr travel even if we didn’t pass the national road highway going to the city. It’s a fun trip with the free lunch courtesy of my sister. 😀

My adorable wife is eager to do the video while having my daily scrum meeting. As mentioned, we have to do the full time job since we are just new in vlogging/blogging. We may not be able to earn much in Vlogging/blogging yet so we need some stable streamline of income aside from merely blogging.

As you can see, we happen to pass by a great flood – 🙂 chocolate flavored flood where it happens every time it rains in Cebu. Floods are anywhere in this new normal, new floods are flowing in the heart of Cebu. One thing is for sure, we enjoyed the 2-hr trip – a quick break from our full-time job. Thank you.


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